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Whenever you are searching for online casinos, the most common sight that you can see is the bonuses. If you are a regular casino gambler, you may notice that there are some incentives and freebies that you can avail from the house. These are most commonly termed as the COMPS. And the bonuses in online casinos are the counterpart of these comps.

Comps in Land-based Casinos

The comps in live casinos are complementary token given to gamblers that encourage them to visit the casino and wager more in the casino games. They can either be given as free drinks, meals, hotel accommodation, limousine rides, tickets to shows, refund for air fares, concierge services, private gaming areas, and even cash back. This comp system is part of the casino's marketing strategies in order to be patronized by players more than their competitions.

Comps and Bonuses in Online Casinos

To par with the comps offered in land based casinos, online casino gambling websites offer the players bonuses and comp systems that they will find hard to resist. There are two main types of online casino bonus - the Sticky and Non-Sticky bonuses.

Sticky Bonuses

Sticky bonuses is the most common type of offers that you can find in online casinos. They are commonly offered in the form of Welcome (or Sign-Up) Bonuses that is equivalent to a percentage of the player's monetary deposit. This amount is added to the player's bankroll in the casino games, but they are not able to withdraw this amount. Another form of sticky bonus does not require a deposit, but is given at a lower amount. Some websites also grant players to win on free casino games without having to wager real money.

Non-Sticky Bonuses

Non-sticky bonuses are those that are given by the online casinos in a form of free cash that the player can obtain and cash out from his account. Thus, they are more valuable than sticky bonuses, but are quite rare to find. The players can avail it through welcome bonuses or through cash back bonus, an amount that is given to the players based on a percentage of their total losses for a period of time.

Comps in Online Casinos

Players can gain comp points while they are playing and wagering real money in online casino games. These comp points can be exchanged with free money, goods, and gadgets. The higher the comp points the players have, the higher is the value of the merchandise that they can exchange.

Rewards Program

Another common feature of online casinos is the rewards program. Players can avail membership to this program, and they can receive incentives such as deposit bonuses, cash back bonuses, better comp exchange ratio, free gifts, and many more. This program exists in many different names on different casino websites, such as VIP System, Loyalty Awards, Players Club, or just simply Rewards Program. Members are given hierarchy rankings based on the total accumulated amount wagered while being a member, or the length of time as a member, and those who have higher hierarchy levels have much better benefits than lower-level members.

Comp Hustlers

With every free feature, there also exists abusers. People who uses tactics in maximizing the amount of comps that they can get while minimizing the amount of money that they are risking can be categorized as comp hustlers. One example of these tactics in land-based casinos is placing larger bets in the casino games whenever a pit boss happens to be nearby, and switching to smaller wagers when he is not around. Another is by taking a lot of breaks and playing very slowly.

In online casinos, comp hustlers can abuse the casino bonuses by using multiple accounts, or by just registering an account, then depositing a small amount, and taking the bonus. These scenarios are often prevented by online casinos by enforcing a limit and requirement for the players before they can take the bonuses away.

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