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Getting Paid

Probably one thing that gives out the most excitement in online gambling and wagering on casino websites is when you are winning and getting paid. Getting paid by playing casino games online is the most important factor when it comes to online gambling experience. It is a very serious issue and this method should be executed by the casino website with care and caution. That's why before you put your money on the line, it is very important to carefully choose the right online casino websites.

8 Things To Remember When Getting Paid

In general, there are 8 things to always keep in mind whenever you are getting paid at online casinos:

  1. Follow the rules and regulations of the casino website.
  2. Only use credit cards that are registered using your name, and as much as possible, limit your credit cards to only a few.
  3. Set your account withdrawal to only once in a month.
  4. Inquire the website about which methods of transaction get paid the fastest.
  5. Always prepare a proof of the original charge on a credit card statement.
  6. Always prepare a proof of you identity, such as a valid photo ID and others.
  7. Be polite whenever you contact the customer support asking for the status of your account.
  8. Patience is a virtue, so always be patient.

Withdrawing From Your Online Casino Account

Making a withdrawal from your account in the casino websites is very simple. There are multiple ways of how you can safely cash out your winnings from your online casino account. Some of these are by the use of credit cards and debit cards, online money transaction programs (such as PayPal and FirePay), bank checks, electronic checks, bank wire, and many more. And depending on the type of transaction used, there are differences in speeds and charges. Still, there are some which offer fast and free money transaction.

Using credit cards in casino banking is a very safe way to consider when you want to cash out your winnings. Secure banking technologies are used by high-rated casino websites in making money transactions, similar to the methods used by major banking establishments in their online transactions.

Procedures for Cashing Out

Most online casinos will require some forms of your identifications or certain personal information just to process your cash outs. It is good to be always organized in providing the documentations that the casino require in order for them to process and send your money easier.

Always be Cautious

Make a habit of creating duplicate copies of the withdrawal forms that you signed with your name, as well as faxing them to the cashier of the online casino, via some official agencies for faxing like Kinkos or Office Depot. These companies are always maintaining records of all their fax transmissions. When a situation arrives that the casino website claims they never received any of your withdrawal form, these records can help. Always exercise caution, since there are some rogue gaming websites that are known to be taking advantage of security and fraud-prevention measures, using them as a sort of excuse for delaying the payouts, thus, players are deprived of their winnings.

Call for the Support

Whenever you are having a difficult time in withdrawing your winnings, or in needing some clarifications, care to contact the online casinos and inquire about their policies or the methods of payment. In doing this, you are not just making sure that you will get paid properly on time, in fact, you are also having a chance to check out the online casino's customer support, ensuring that they are thorough and responsive in times of needs.

Always be nice and polite, especially when you are talking over a phone to the casino's representative. Remember that they will most likely attend to your case in the payout department if you befriend the support representative.

Also take note that sometimes, paying you out can take several days, due to verification process. And in following these guidelines, you will surely lessen the stress of waiting for your cash out to be completed.